We thoroughly enjoy our Dovre multifuel stove

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I didn't see any pictures on the testimonial page, but I thought I would send one along anyway. 

We thoroughly enjoy our Dovre multifuel stove. Since we can burn different fuels, we have a bit more control over what size of fire we have than with only wood (and therefore how much heat it puts out into the enclosed living room). The installers were also very professional and skilful, since they were able to take off the original mantlepiece and cut the hole to fit it back perfectly. I haven't run a bead of silicone around the edge to seal it again, partly because of lack of time and partly because I might still look for one with a wider top, but it doesn't look glaringly unfinished.

I think we paid more than my in-laws did for their stove installation, but I also think we got a better job done. They think so too.

In Christ

Juli G. Markinch